Our shade arbors are built with #1 appearance grade western red cedar. We use solid timber beams and post. All our joists are 2 x 8 in dimension compared to the 2 x 6 that most other companies use.

All of our arbors are pre-stained with oil based stain. This allows for the rich color and grain to be preserved for many years. All arbor construction is accomplished using lifetime anticorrosion screws and hidden hardware embedded within the posts and beams.

We offer several trim styles, including our easily recognized three layer bender board trim. This technique of trimming out the joist ends in curved cedar sets our arbors apart. We also offer several options in post trim, including our signature double top trim.

Our building techniques ensure that the beauty of the cedar is not marred by bolts or brackets. In fact, our methods have set the standard in the outdoor construction industry. While many attempts have been made by other companies to duplicate our style — none have been successful!